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Jul 13, 2003



Ge:11:6: And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

Ge:11:7: Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.

The Judgment of God is nigh. Prepare to meet your maker. Late 03 to early 04 is the window for what some would call the beginning of Tribulation, and others would call mid-Tribulation, and still others, the Chastisement, and others…the destruction of the Old Kingdom. These various theories are very close in the time line, actually the only variance is about 3 and a half years.


It began in 2000. It really doesn’t matter what month. For me it’s July. For others it’s September (certainly this is so for the Illuminati, of which most politicians owe their allegiance); and still, for others, it’s spring of 01,

particularly March. This began a 3.5 year period of preparation for global war and depopulation, or Tribulation the likes of which the world has never seen before, that leads to the one world government, one world language, and the one world religion, all under the banner of the United Nations—the Antichrist then would be the leader of the UN. The False Prophet would be the head of the ecumenical movement—the church leader at that time, many say the new Pope after John Paul II, and Satan would of course be the head of this Unholy Trinity.

During the next 3.5 year period, the dome of the rock, its mosque destroyed by a nuclear weapon, would give ground to rebuilding Solomon’s temple and the Jewish priests returning to traditional temple rituals. After the total nuclear destruction of New York City, which of course ends the old financial system, the UN would be moved to Jerusalem, where its headquarters would be, as the oil-rich Middle East would then become the hub of the New World Order, which is simply Satan, the capstone of the satanic pyramid, seated in power through the Antichrist.

There would be an enforced peace, unless you are a true Christian…that is, separated in Christ, which 90 percent of professing Christians in America are certainly not. Americans, abominably, don’t even support persecuted Christians around the world—who are dying by the millions…that’s because they are sold out to satanism, they are demonized, and the church (all denominations) is dead. That’s official…anyone who disagrees with this is blind, deaf and dumb, or simply defending the indefensible.


The focus of the devastation in this upcoming holocaust must be America. America was blessed by God and America turned her back on God—also forsaking the children of God in her conforming rituals, “bait and switch.” That is such an abomination that frankly, I am surprised to find people still walking around in major cities, in their relative smugness and idolatrous “freedom,” which is really slavery. America is completely backwards—and what is upheld as tradition is an abomination unto the Lord. Let him who has ears hear deeply. Let him who doesn’t be frustrated at my word, not knowing what I’m talking about. Hallelujah. The Lord has my hand this morning. Do not doubt it.

And so, the New World Order must be built on the ashes of the destruction of America and the extinction of her people. It’s that simple.

I will focus on this part of the judgment.


I have presented eye-witnesses of the prison box-cars, crematoria for mass elimination of bodies, Fema concentration camps, and foreign troops training to invade from both Canada and Mexico (and elsewhere) in a UN operation to bring stability (enslavement) to a devastated and hated America, who singularly induced a total nuclear launch by the nuclear powers in an effort to stop her from building a global empire. On the ashes of this would be the true global order, and what the Bush administration is doing, along with the PNAC (go to to read for yourselves) program will be trashed, as has always been the plan. There are traitors in the Pentagon, politics and business, beholden to the Illuminati, or Satanic Order of Power, who will sell their fellow man out totally to bring this about. The motive is always money—and thus the promise of fabulous wealth and safety for their families makes it simple to put a knife into every American’s back, so long as they get what they want.

I predict that this begins in earnest as late as December 6, 2003. Before that you can expect an escalation of terror, which will be the method of testing the Code System (green, yellow, orange and red), which is preparation for martial law in 2004.

And so, what is God up to here? I have looked at this Biblically—and yes, though there are some discrepancies about time, most agree what season we are in. Whether you say PRE-TRIB…the last 3.5 years, or TRIB, the difference between most prophets (and yes, I do call them prophets who are calling this THAT TIME) is roughly about 3.5 years, and no one is really wrong. It’s a matter of looking at God’s plan versus man’s plan for this same New World Order.

For God, it is the end of the age, the setting of the stage for his final judgment on mankind. Or if you like, the return of the Lord beginning with the DAY OF THE LORD, or judgment.

Call it what you will, but judgment is coming, and coming quickly beginning with the devastating destruction of the United States of America beginning in late 03 and commencing until martial law. There will be no rebuilding, rather, assets will be moved overseas, and a military junta, under the control of Fema and the UN, will be very much in command.

The US president, whom most seers believe will be assassinated, will be assassinated, along with the entire senate and congress in Washington DC. In essence, they have sealed their fate anyway—there are really TWO LUCIFERIAN PLANS, and the Senate and Congressmen who are in the know, and the president himself and military leaders at the Pentagon, haven’t a clue as to what’s really going on.


Those who scoff at these words today do so at your own peril. I have warned since March 9, 2002, and will continue warning of this in the hopes that many will repent before it happens. I have friends around the country who have been enriched by the prophetic truth about what satanism is, how it plays in our society, my peeling back the onion, which is only due to the Holy Spirit and not me at all…but prophecy. Yes, that is prophecy too!…the definition of lambs, the conjoining of God’s family even through the separated Remnant, all that…yes, they like that. They get benefits out of talking to others.

But the warnings about what is to happen come from the same place. To take one part of my word and discount the other may seal the fate of many who believe to be attuned to the Word of God. Well, the lambs hear the Shepherd’s voice, and He speaks through prophets. And those cut out for the Lord are his prophets. Those true believers who prophesy are His prophets and will not be forsaken. So this warning today is for those who do not hear my words of warning. It means you do not have the Holy Spirit, and you are being led by your own understanding, which could spell your end in all of this, especially if you think *this* could go on and on.

Be warned. I’m not here to play footsie with fate. I am here warning you in earnest. If you see this thing coming, and I was shown this 7 year period beginning in 2000, culminating in the Day of the Lord…whether you say Trib begins with nuclear holocaust and then peace and then God’s judgments ending in 2010, or whether you say this is the destruction of Satan’s kingdom now, that the mark of the Beast is now, that the abomination of desolation is now, that the Antichrist is already seated and ruling, from behind the scenes….to be made overt later, that the Two Witnesses are the spirit of Elijah and Moses on the Internet…fine. Say what you will…be led by the Lord—we’re talking about a window from 2000 to 2010, and no more. For Americans, that’s about all that life will be anyway.

God will not strive with ONE LANGUAGE, a ONE WORLD ORDER, a TOWER OF BABEL…he will confound and confuse ALL the powers that be and exact HIS PERFECT TIME. But make no mistake about it—you will not hear warnings much after this…there isn’t time.


It means the seed of Americans who have gone against God and yet proclaimed Christianity will be cut off. That means no more seed, no grandchildren, no children, and no parents or grandparents…entire genetic lines destroyed forever. Tradition will be scoffed at and laughed at by God and His Holy Angels as they exact perfect justice on those who preyed on the real lambs…those who created the 3rd world and those who stole 9/10’s of the world’s resources and said, I DESERVE EVEN MORE!

Shame on you all. For you do not support your brothers and sisters being tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ around the world! You turn a blind eye to lambs everywhere…and then you have the nerve, the utter lack of shame to call for circles of self-abuse, and then you deign to call yourselves Christian? Who are you? I have studied you all my life…and still, I don’t know who you are. I know who I am. I know what I’m all about. I’m out here with NO COVERING EXCEPT THE LORD.

Yet you need a multitude to cover you.

God’s got my back—that’s because I’m a typical lamb. Which means, a Christian who walks with Jesus Christ. Man does not have my back. God does. Other lambs have my back because they pray for me, but it’s God that delivers. Don’t you get that yet? Don’t you understand? You people who say you need a pastor’s covering, or the church leader’s covering, or your club’s covering…. you’re deluded. You’re just deluded. To be set apart in Christ means to be born again OUTSIDE man’s cover. That becomes a living testimony of Jesus Christ. (note, what I am saying about America can be applied to industrialized wealthy nations).

You won’t stand for the truth—you hide. While your brothers and sisters take your share of persecution, because you're somehow exempt...somehow disconnected from them. Well, sure, lambs are not connected to the world, so those in the world would feel nothing if we're slaughtered. Truth.

That's why America doesn't care about persecuted brothers and sisters--they feel nothing. They're connected to something OPPOSITE, and the twain shall not meet.

Those conformed to the system in America are soft. They have no shame, feel no guilt. There is no Holy Spirit with them, and yet they wonder why their prayers don’t get answered? Why should they--there's no connection. Connecton to man is disconnection with God.

And so God will destroy it all. You can kiss goodbye the American church, as most of its members are going to Hell anyway (and Hell was created by Jesus, remember that), led there by unbelieving pastors in mausoleums of iniquity…better get used to the color red, as blood, now on your hands for all the persecution in the world today (by proxy if not literal), will finally be required of you.

Praise God for His Infinite Mercy and Justice. For their demise will be justice for untold numbers of real Christians who took the persecution while the phony Christians slaughtered them by turning their backs.

Your soul will be required of you one day—and pretending to be in Christ will be your undoing.

How dare America call herself a Christian Nation! Mystery Babylon—Babylon the Great…to be cast into the sea…by her own hand.

Proof? Education, military, politics, culture...need I say more?


As I sit here counting off the next few months, I tend to look into the eyes of people and I wonder if they have any clue what is about to happen to them. In most cases, they’re dead. Just walking dead. Disaster and holocaust, if it is progressive, rather than all at once (though I believe it will be all at once in America—04) might lead to them waking up and repenting. But the church system, long steeped in satanic tradition, won’t. The average person has a much better chance of finding and serving Jesus Christ that the churchgoer who says he is born again, which is a lie.

50 years ago, the seminaries were invaded by satanists (Freemasons), and of course the churches have been polluted as long as there has been a financial system that requires satanic corruption for money.


Now, I do know of churches and pastors in America who are good, God-fearing, hard-praying upright Christians, and they’re taking the flack for the ones who cheat.

I have read books by pastors with wonderful testimonies…and I suggest if you can find and upright Bible-based church that uses the King James Version of 1611, go there—fellowship, put your shoulder to the plow. Let this word here be known—that the independent Bible-based churches, usually with uncomfortable pews, and fading paint, are just fine. Go there and throw your heart into it. As the Lord leads. That’s not the bulk, and certainly this is rare. The commercial world demands abomination—so churches who want money end up turning a blind eye to satanism (which is that abomination the world wants), and talk about self-improvement, ethics, conformity, where to get a hair cut or buy a nice pair of dockers…etc.


Lambs, of course, are barred from working in the system, which proves the mark of the HOLY SPIRIT in intact. Yes, lambs are already SEALED. No, they will not get a break in this world—but they already have won their race!

Lambs are the unpopular prophets, the Nazarites of today. Many lambs are on the streets, working in mission fields of poverty, the lost ones are retarded, some of them, in hospitals, especially children’s hospitals where they have terminal illnesses—oh, yes, Satan heaps up the world’s ills on them through the spiritual corruption of OTHERS. That’s right, the system and those who serve it, create terminally ill children—heck the weight has to go somewhere…they’re not carrying it, right?

Understand me? Anyone?

Lambs are pretty much underground, or employed in lowly service jobs that are either temporary, nor not envied by others. And the reason for this is that no one wants to expose the truth about what goes on INSIDE. Because if that thread ever started unraveling (and it is now, believe me), not one thing would be left anyway, not one stone upon another—and the Jezebels know this very well, and thus, as Nimrod’s mother, “Queen of Heaven,” they enforce what? Goodness? Or getting the money no matter what?

The church in America has been marked 666, and most of its members. The real church is the Body of Believers in Jesus Christ, who walk the NARROW WAY. Those working in the system who call themselves Christians who say they are in it and not of it are lying. They’re in it, and of it, otherwise they couldn’t work there. Mark of the Beast or no job. Period.

I invite anyone to prove me wrong at anytime. I have yet to have one letter refuting what I have said. That is amazing. Friends, I would love to know that I am deluded, and that none of this is correct, and have someone help me heal my mind…as someone is mentally ill here—either it’s me, or them. If it’s me, then I need help. I invite it.

But it’s not…and the sorrow I feel is because many of the people who will be perishing have been BACKWARDS so long they just don’t want to see the truth anymore.


Anyone who has served this system and has not confessed and repented of Satan’s sin for money is already marked 666, and the word I have on this is that they will not repent. Hold out hope for the lost, concentrate on them.

I already see the breaking down of everything American, especially after this weekend, when most people simply walk around in circles of confusion. IN the spirit, the rug has already been pulled out. Their powers (all phony delusional and stupid), or whatever Satan gave them in exchange for their souls, is stripped as I write this today. That makes for very desperate and confused people.

The idea of Patriotism and singing God bless America almost seems pornographic. True patriotism is exposing the truth about the system and urging the return to Jesus Christ in earnest before singing God bless anything.

True Patriotism is standing up for what is right…having the courage to die for your convictions, as the persecuted church does every day, everywhere in the world but AMERICA (and Europe of course).

You don’t turn your backs on family…I actually had people laugh and scoff at me as they dismissed me from their churches for writing my book LAMB! Which is about lambs, whom they hate!

Oh, yes, they hate lambs in churches. Go back and read my voluminous library of reports in the archives if you don't believe me. Church hates lambs. Or rather, conformed man hates Jesus Christ. OK--conformity with the world is hatred of God.

Jas:4:4: Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Conformity is corruption, friends. Going backwards. That’s a nice way of putting it, and it is the actual cause of the coming destruction. The real church does not engage in conformity corruption, don’t you know that by now?

I’ll stop here—not for you lambs. But speaking to them is like talking to a wall. They just look and look and look and wonder and wonder and wonder...only judgment will get their attention. Bring it on, Lord. There is little point continuing anyway--at the rate of the destruction of lambs, yours won't be here unless you move pretty soon, amen?

LAMBS, pray for our nation, our churches, our troops cast wrongly to the four corners of the earth, pray for our TROUBLES… your prayers are the only ones listened to anyway.

I am here to warn today—maybe God would have mercy if we all repented and turned from the way of Satan’s world. If you would only have faith that God would provide…have faith in God, not Satan.

You are warned.


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