Out of the Mouths of Sinners

"If you have been healed or saved or blessed through TBN and have not contributed to (the) station, you are robbing God and will lose your reward in heaven."

Paul Crouch, TBN show "Praise The Lord" during telethon to raise money, and witnessed by Ed Tarkowski, Mon, Aug 04, 1997

KING: What do you think of the other [churches] ... like Mormonism? Catholicism? Other faiths within the Christian concept?
GRAHAM: Oh, I think I have a wonderful fellowship with all of them. For example ...
KING: You’re comfortable with Salt Lake City. You’re comfortable with the Vatican?
GRAHAM: I am very comfortable with the Vatican. I have been to see the Pope several times. In fact, the night -- the day that he was inaugurated, made Pope, I was preaching in his cathedral in Krakow. I was his guest ... [and] when he was over here ... in Columbia, South Carolina ... he invited me on the platform to speak with him. I would give one talk, and he would give the other ... but I was two-thirds of the way to China...
KING: You like this Pope?
GRAHAM: I like him very much. ... He and I agree on almost everything.

January 1997 interview with Larry King

"Why did He need to be begotten or born? Because He became like we were - separated from God. Because He tasted spiritual death for every man. And His spirit and inner men went to hell in my place. Can't you see that? Physical death wouldn't remove your sins. He's tasted death for every man. He's talking about tasting spiritual death. Jesus is the first person that was ever born again. Why did His spirit need to be born again? Because it was estranged from God."

Kenneth Hagin, "How Jesus obtained His Name," Kenneth Hagin Ministries, audio tape 44-H01

“Christians are little messiahs. Christians are little gods.”

Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), recorded November 1990

"MY GOAL, I ALWAYS MADE CLEAR, WAS NOT TO PREACH AGAINST CATHOLIC BELIEFS OR TO PROSELYTIZE PEOPLE who were already committed to Christ within the Catholic Church. Rather, it was to proclaim the Gospel to all those who had never truly committed their lives to Christ"
Graham, Just As I Am, p. 357

"Satan conquered Jesus on the Cross and took His spirit to the dark regions of hell" Kenneth Copeland, Holy Bible: Kenneth Copeland Reference Edition

Kenneth Copeland, Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1991, 129

“Benny Hinn says that Christians confessing they are "a sinner saved by grace" only insult God with such ‘garbage’"

Stephen Sizer, The Toronto Blessing, 1990

"I am a 'little messiah' walking the earth"

Benny Hinn, Praise-a-Thon" on TBN, November 6, 1990

"Jesus was handling big money"

John Avanzini, "Praise the Lord" broadcast on TBN, recorded 9/15/88

"[Man] was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God's presence without any consciousness of inferiority...God made us as much like Himself as possible...He made us the same class of being that He is Himself...Man lived in the realm of God. He lived on terms equal with God...[The] believer is called Christ...That's who we are; we're Christ"

Kenneth Hagin, Zoe: The God-Kind of Life, 1989. pp. 35-36, 41

"Baptism is very important because Jesus taught that we are to believe and to be baptized. But that is up to the individual and the church that they feel led to go to. The churches have different teachings on that. I know that in the Lutheran or the Episcopal or Catholic Church it is a very strong point, and in the Baptist church. But there are some churches that would not insist on baptism. So, I give them the freedom to teach what they want. I am not a professor. I am not a theologian. I'm a simple proclaimer. I'm announcing the news that God loves you and that you can be forgiven of your sins. And you can go to heaven. My job from God is not to do all these other things. I am not a pastor of a church. That's not my responsibility. My responsibility is to preach the Gospel to everyone and let them choose their own church, whether it is Catholic or Protestant or Orthodox or whatever it is"
Billy Graham, interview with Patricia Rice, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 10, 1999

"Now my precious brothers - I know this is a tape also. Now don't get excited. Let me say this with Godly love. The hours approached where I can't hold still on these things no more... Trinitarianism is of the devil. I tell you that - Thus saith the Lord."

William Branham, Footprints on the Sands of Time: The autobiography of William Marrion Branham, Part Two (Jeffersonville, IN: Spoken Word Publications, 1975, 606-7.

"I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost—were going to hell—if they did not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that. … I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God—through nature, for instance—and plenty of other opportunities, therefore, of saying ‘yes’ to God."
McCall’s magazine quotes Graham, January 1978, entitled "I Can’t Play God Any More"

" . . . the anointing is dependent upon my words. God will not move unless I say it. Why? because He has made us coworkers with Him. He set things up that way."

Benny Hinn, The Anointing. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. 1992

"God's reason for creating Adam was His desire to reproduce Himself...He was not a little like God. He was not almost like God. He was not subordinate to God even"

Kenneth Copeland, "Following the Faith of Abraham," tape 01-3001, n.d.

Graham said, "Hell is not the most popular of preaching topics. I don't like to preach on it. But I must if I am to proclaim the whole counsel of God. We must not avoid warning of it. The most outspoken messages on hell, and the most graphic references to it, came from Jesus Himself. ... Jesus used three words to describe hell. ... The third word that He used is 'fire.' Jesus used this symbol over and over. This could be literal fire, as many believe. Or IT COULD BE SYMBOLIC. ... I've often thought that this fire could possibly be a burning thirst for God that is never quenched. What a terrible fire that would be--never to find satisfaction, joy, or fulfillment!"
A Biblical Standard for Evangelist, Billy Graham. A commentary on the 15 Affirmations made by participants at the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July, 1983, Worldwide Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, pages 45-47

"God, we proclaim death to anything or anyone that will lift a hand against this network and this ministry that belongs to You, God. It is Your work, it is Your idea, it is Your property, it is Your airwaves, it is Your world, and we proclaim death to anything that would stand in the way of God's great voice of proclamation to the whole world. In the Name of Jesus, and all the people said Amen!"

Paul Crouch, TBN, 11/7/97

"I have many friends among Catholic priests, and a number of New York Catholic leaders have written me stating that they believe New York needs a spiritual awakening, and have promised me their prayers and interest even though they could not officially support the meetings. The Catholic Church has always been as friendly and as tolerant as their church law will allow them toward our crusades."
Graham, May 6, 1957, Newsweek

"Here is what actually happened in the Garden of Eden. The Word says that Eve was beguiled by the serpent. She was actually seduced by the serpent. He was as close to being a human that his seed could, and did mingle with that of the woman and cause her to conceive"

William Branham, The Original Sin, pp. 2, 3

"Did you know that from the beginning of time the whole purpose of God was to reproduce Himself?...And when we stand up here, brother, you're not looking at Morris Cerullo; you're looking at God. You're looking at Jesus"
Morris Cerullo, "The End Time Manifestation of the Sons of God," Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Tape 1

"You create the presence of Jesus with your mouth ... He is bound by your lips and by your words ... Remember that Christ is depending upon you and your spoken word to release His presence."
Paul Yonggi Cho, The Fourth Dimension, Volume One, So. Plainfield, NJ: Bridge Publishing, 1979, 83

"Adam is God manifested in the flesh"
Kenneth Copeland, "Following the Faith of Abraham" tape # 01-3001

“Jesus at His death became one with Satan.”
Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn broadcast, recorded 12/15/90

"The only thing I could say for sure is that hell means separation from God. We are separated from his light, from his fellowship. That is going to be hell. When it comes to a literal fire, I don’t preach it because I’m not sure about it. When the Scripture uses fire concerning hell, that is possibly an illustration of how terrible it’s going to be—not fire but something worse, a thirst for God that cannot be quenched." Graham, Time magazine, November 15, 1993

"Why don't you examine your baptism of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and that false 'trinity' it's so-called..."
William Braham, "Revelation Chapter Four #3, Throne of Mercy and Judgment" Voice of God Recordings, Inc., 1961

"God is the biggest failure in the Bible...the reason you've never thought that is because He never said He was one".
Kenneth Copeland, "Praise-a-thon", broadcast on TBN, recorded 1988

Paul Crouch will shoot heresy hunters (theologists) if God doesn't
Paul Crouch, Praise-a-thon, TBN, 4/2/91

"God is on the outside looking in," says Copeland. "In order to have any say-so in the earth, He's gonna have to be in agreement with a man here."
Kenneth Copeland, God's Covenant with Man II, Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1985, audiotape #01-4404, side 1

"Do you know what else that's settled then tonight? This hue and cry and controversy that has been spawned by the devil to try to bring dissension within the body of Christ that we are gods. I am a little god. I have His name. I am one with Him. I'm in covenant relation. I am a little god. Critics be gone! You are everything that He is."
Paul Crouch, "Praise the Lord" program, July 7, 1986

“God has 9 parts (tri-theistic): God has a body, soul and spirit; Jesus has a body, soul and spirit; Holy Spirit has a body, soul and spirit.”
Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn broadcast, recorded 10/13/90

"Early on in my life, I didn’t know much about Catholics. But through the years I have made many friends within the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, when we hold a crusade in a city now, nearly all the Roman Catholic churches support it. And when we went to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., for the crusade [last year], we saw St. Paul, which is largely Catholic, and Minneapolis, which is largely Lutheran, both supporting the crusade. That wouldn’t have happened 25 years ago" "Billy Graham in His Own Words: What the Evangelist Has Learned from a Lifetime of Ministry to the World," New Man, March-April 1997, pp. 32,33

“We (the church) are Christ.”
Kenneth Hagin, As Christ is -- So are we, Tape 44H06

“Christ's physical death on the cross was not enough to save us.”
Kenneth Hagin, How Jesus obtained His Name, Tape 44H01

"What do you need? Start creating it. Start speaking about it. Start speaking it into being. Speak to your billfold. Say, "You big, thick billfold full of money." Speak to your checkbook. Say, "You, checkbook, you. You've never been so prosperous since I owned you. You're just jammed full of money."
Marilyn Hickey, "Claim Your Miracles" Denver: Marilyn Hickey Ministries, n.d

"If Jesus' physical death could pay the penalty for Sin as some contend, then why is it necessary that a Christian die? If a Christian dies physically, does he not pay the penalty of his own sin? If physical death is the penalty for sin, then why do not the whole human race pay their own penalty, and save themselves, for all die? But we hold that the physical death of Jesus did not touch the sin issue at all."
Daniel R. McConnell, A Different Gospel, Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1988

"Yes! You are in control! So, if man has control, who no longer has it? God"
Fred Price, "Prayer: Do You Know What Prayer Is...and How to Pray?," The Word Study Bible, 1990. p. 1178

"Jesus had a nice big house", "Jesus wore designer clothes"
John Avanzini, "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast on TBN, recorded 1/20/91

“When you don't give money, it shows that you have the devil's nature”.
Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), recorded 4/21/91

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